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SPARK-TECH partners in national grant program LIDER (NCBiR)

SPARK-TECH is a commercialization partner in Nationally funded project „Diagnostics of the biochemical alterations in packed human red blood cells (PRBCs) with the use of vibrational spectroscopy”. Project aims to develop spectroscopic methodology for the Raman (RS) and Infrared (IR) diagnostic quality assessment of the pre-transfusion RBCs. Project was awarded by NCBiR to Katarzyna Marzec Ph.D.…
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SPARK-TECH – registered European Union trademark

Today, we received information, that our company brand SPARK-TECH has been registered as the European Union trademark by the European Union Office Intellectual Property Office.  

SPARK-TECH logo registerd in Poland

Today, we received information, that the Polish Patent Office registered the SPARK-TECH logo.  

STBS project awarded Seal of Excellence by European Commission in Instrument SME program.